Opportunity for Choirs

 Would you like to have your choir's performance featured online?

 I'm looking for choirs interested in giving the premier performances of a couple of new works.

 I'm also looking for recordings or videos of performances of my works, so they can be featured online.

     You are invited to use the Contact page to connect with me.

Recent News

Choral Journal cover April 2021.jpg

April 2021 - I'm happy to announce the publication of my new article, "Interview With 3 Canadian Choral Composers" in the April 2021 issue of ACDA Choral Journal. I interviewed Nancy Telfer, Jon Washburn and Larry Nickel, each of whom are senior, established composers who followed their own, unique career paths. Read the article here.


This is the first in a series of two articles. The second one, scheduled to be published later this year, is a set of interviews with five established mid-career Canadian choral composers.

March 2021 - The "Haul Away Joe" sea shanty project has attracted 90 tenors and basses from around the world! Singers are currently practicing and recording their parts, which will then be assembled into one recording. Links to the finished project will be posted here.

March 2021 - J.W. Pepper is now distributing some of my previously unpublished works  for school and community choirs. This collection will continue to grow in the months ahead. JWPepper.com

December 2020 - You are invited to read my new article posted Dec. 16th on ChoralNet. It’s called, “From India Ink to Digital Bits” – a look back at the development of technology in music over the past 50 years. It’s been an amazing journey as a performer and composer! https://choralnet.org/2020/12/from-india-ink-to-digital-bits/

December 2020 - participated in the national "Navigating Copyright for Choirs in Canada" webinar hosted by Choral Canada.

December 2020 - finished writing my setting of "The Cloths of Heaven" by W. B. Yeats, for Soprano or Tenor soloist accompanied by piano or chamber orchestra.

October 2020 - participated in the national "Round Table for Composers and Conductors" hosted by Choral Canada. Discussed new, innovative choral music projects across Canada!

August 2020 - finished writing and recording "Alone / Together", a new work for accomplished SATB choir with electronic soundtrack! The lyrics tell the story of feelings resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, moving from "alone in an unfamiliar landscape", to "reaching out" to each other, closing with being and working "together".

I am currently looking for a choir interested in tackling the premier of this work.

July 2020 - finished the recording of "Searching" by the "At Home Chorus".  This can be heard at:

  YouTube - https://youtu.be/XBb6RLTj-oI

  SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/d-geoffrey-bell/searching

June 2020 - Participated in the "National Roundtable for Composers and Publishers" of choral music, hosted by Choral Canada.  Discussed ideas, strategies and plans for choirs for the next two years.


April 2020 - Working with the "At Home Chorus", sending scores and guide audio tracks by email, receiving individual recordings, and putting the tracks together in my temporary studio.  At the same time, doing daily construction work on my new studio!

March 2020

  - collaborating with musicians across Canada online to record "virtual" performances of three of my compositions.
    Calling this project the "
At Home Chorus".

  - interviewed by CTVNews.ca regarding my blog for parents who are suddenly at home with school-aged children:

  - participated in ChoirAlberta video conference with 60+ members of the choral music community across Canada 

February 2020 - finished writing "Searching" for SATB choir accompanied by 'cello and glockenspiel.

December 2019

  - Finished writing "Songs of Love and Despair", (SATB unaccompanied choir), a set of four poems by Sarah Teasdale about the
    exhilaration of new love, a broken heart, and the despair that follows.  

  - Created new arrangements of "Come With Me on Horses" for SSAA and SATB choirs.

  - Created new arrangements of "Three Haiku" for SSAA and SSATB choirs.

  - Created new arrangements of "The Christmas Dove" for SSAA and SSAB choirs.

October 2019 - attended Music Conference Alberta 2019.

Spring 2019 - "Childhood Memories", a collection of nine short works for piano, published by Palliser Music.

September 2018 - article in TEMPO Magazine about the Canada 150 ARMTA 85 commission of "Donkey Riding."


May 2018 - "She's Like the Swallow" published by Cypress Choral Music.

Spring 2018 - radio performance of "Inventions and Machines" in Australia.

October 26-28, 2017 - Appearance and presentation at Music Conference Alberta as one of the composers commissioned by ARMTA in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary.  Premier performance of "Donkey Riding."


August 2017 - "Donkey Riding" published by Palliser Music.


July 2017 - Received Canada Council travel grant for the world premier of "The Helios Triptych" in May 2017.

July 2017 - Prepared "The Canadian Seasons" song cycle for publication.

May 13, 2017 - World Premier of "She's Like the Swallow," performed by London Pro Musica in London, Ontario.

May 5, 2017 - World Premier of "The Helios Triptych," performed by the Vancouver Chamber Choir in Vancouver.

April 2017 - Recording session of "Childhood Memories" by Han Ding in Calgary.

Spring 2017 - International Radio/Concert performance in Australia.

March 2017 -  "The Helios Triptych" selected to be workshopped by Jon Washburn and the Vancouver Chamber Choir at the March session of Interplay.

Feb. 2017 - Commissioned by Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association to write a piece for violin and piano based on Canadian Folk song, "Donkey Riding."   Scheduled to be published by Palliser Music.

Fall 2016 - International Radio/Concert performance of "Three Haiku" in U.S.A.

September 2016 - Became a Professional Member of the Canadian League of Composers.

Spring 2016 - International Radio/Concert performance of "Inventions and Machines" in Australia.