Orchestral Music

Chamber orchestra with soloist:

  "The Cloths of Heaven"  for soprano or tenor soloist with chamber ensemble

  Published by Hillview Cottage Music - distributed by J.W. Pepper

Full concert orchestra:

  "Mists to Torrents"  for concert orchestra.

  (One movement from a new orchestral suite currently under development)

  YouTube: https://youtu.be/yI9HTors3gc

Instrumental Solos & Ensembles

Brass ensemble:

   "Suite for Four Trombones

Flute with piano:

   "Suite for Flute and Piano


   "Blossoms Turn to Summer


   "Harp Improvisation #1

Marimba ensemble:



   "In-Corporate" for solo percussionist and corporal mime 


   "Childhood Memories" (a collection of nine solos for Piano) 
     pub. Palliser Music Publishing


   "Exercises in the Style of the Eighteenth Century

Trumpet and Pipe Organ:

   "Prelude for Organ and Trumpet 

Violin with piano:

   "Donkey Riding"  pub.  Palliser Music Publishing

Woodwind and string ensemble:

   "Octet" for four woodwinds and string quartet 

Woodwind ensemble:

   "Trio" for oboe, cor anglais and bassoon