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Hillview Cottage Music

Hillview Cottage Music publishes works by D. Geoffrey Bell that have not already been released by other publishers. A growing number of works are becoming available through this website, and through J.W. Pepper.


PDF and MP3s of scores can be ordered directly through the Contact page . Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 hours.

Printed copies to be mailed by post within Canada can be ordered directly through the Contact page for the fastest and most economical service. Customers in the U.S.A. and international customers are welcome to order directly from this site as well, but will likely find it faster and more economical to order printed music through J. W. Pepper.

Hillview Electroacoustic Ensemble

The Hillview Electroacoustic Ensemble performs and records music composed by D. Geoffrey Bell. The ensemble uses a combinations of natural sounds, synthetic and digitized sounds, traditional instruments and voices, and modified vocal and instrument sounds to create accompaniment soundtracks for rehearsals and performances.