Competitions & Commissions

Commissioning a piece of music for your ensemble may be easier and more affordable than you think. Many ensembles are budgeting to have a new piece commissioned for them on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.  Some use fundraising, some apply for grant money, and some cultivate a patron or sponsor.  A recent trend is for two or more ensembles to commission a piece together!

Most composers are open to working with your ensemble, your budget and your timeline to write a composition that meets your needs.  You are invited to use the contact page to inquire.

Donkey Riding” (Violin and Piano) 

Selected for the 2017 Contemporary Showcase competition.

Commissioned by Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association.

Published by Palliser Music Publishing.

The Helios Triptych” (SSAATTBB a cappella choir) 

Selected for the 2017 Vancouver Chamber Choir Interplay competition.

Premier performance by the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

"Chiaroscuro" (Electronic score for short animated film)

Commissioned by Calgary poet and artist Carin Perron.

If I Were a Dinosaur” (Unison children’s choir)

Commissioned by Chief Justice Milvain School choir. Published by Palliser Music Publishing.

Caring and Sharing” (Unisons children’s choir)

Commissioned by Chief Justice Milvain School choir.

Incidental Music for the AIDS Show” (Collection of instrumental and vocal music)

Commissioned by AIDS Calgary.